Last weekend we vited in the UK, this Sunday (7/6) is your right and duty to vote in Turkey.

Every election is important but this one is even more so. 

And if you can please volunteer to be an observer during the voting and counting. Don’t let those who are hell-bent on winning do so through dodgy means. 

Here is an overview of the run up to the election

Who also reports on ‘the women who turned their back’ during an election rally – a la standing man from the Gezi days – the President’s response will shock you…read the libk to find out


So the London-leg of the genera elections in Turkey was on 30-31 May.

The turnout was just under 30% apparently. Not bad compared to last year’s Presidential elections. Well, not only they were in August, when most are on holiday but also it was a pretty much foregone conclusion.

This one is hopefully not a foregone conclusion. Interesting debates are going on between those who know they will definitely not be voting for AKP but have not made up their minds as to whether to vote for the devil we know or risk it. There are of course over 20 parties, some of which at least this blogger (given the benefit of the distance) had never heard of before last weekend.

Translatingtaksim is independent of all political ties. Just please vote.

A worthwhile archive


It’s been ages. We have to be honest we run out of steam and got disillusioned. We did not forget or lost interest just didn’t write. 

Just came to the site to let you know about a new archive and realised the blog still receives 200-400 hits every month. 

Elections coming up in Turkey. Don’t give up!

Here is the archive:


The police and RTE celebrate the Gezi anniversary

Turkish police have used tear gas to disperse demonstrators in Istanbul and Ankara on the first anniversary of deadly anti-government protests.

Some 25,000 police surrounded and blocked Istanbul’s Taksim Square, the epicentre of the 2013 rallies.

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There was also an inceeasing number of plain clothes police looking lie teenage ninja mutant turtles with their back packs and long truncheons. Here is a video such police arresting someone and covering his face to stop him from being identified

youtube clip

In the meantime the PM is of course not idle:

“Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who misleadingly presented the Gezi Park protests as a “coup attempt” against his Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government, benefited from the same argument in order to shape public opinion in his favor regarding a graft probe in which some government members have been implicated, observers have said.”

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Today, 1st june, the first anniversay of the first person being killed by the police in the Gezi protests: Ethem Sarisuluk. Crowds are gathering to the spot in Ankara.

Turkey: Leading MPs and Doctors Question Prime Minister Erdogan’s Sanity

After witnessing Prime Minister Erdogan’s“breakdown” after he exploded into a temper tantrum during a speech of the President of Turkey’s Bar Association, Metin Feziogly on May 10, leading members of parliament, including doctors, commented on the prime ministers health, reports Aydinlik Daily.

ErdoganErdogan has previously been criticized for his inability to tolerate criticism and radical, inconsiderate responses, including last year’s violent crack down on protesters in Gezi Park and numerous public tantrums.

Several of the MPs made public statements to the prime minister’s latest temper tantrum and breakdown in response to the Bar Association’s criticism, sharing their concerns that the incident shows that Erdogan’s unstable mental condition might drag the whole country into turmoil any minute now.

Aydinlik Daily quotes Dr. Aytun Ciray the Deputy President of Turkey’s largest opposition party CHP commenting on the fact that Erdogan may run for the presidency as saying:

The Prime Minister loses his temper quite quickly and such a person cannot be president. A president who cannot control his anger can get Turkey into all sorts of troubles, considering the fact that a president is also the chief commander of the army. We all saw Erdoğan’s behaviour during the State Council’s ceremony. He respects neither the public nor the presidency. As a doctor, I do not think Erdoğan is in his right mind. A psychiatrist had better study him.”

CHP Deputy President Professor Dr. Haluk Koc, for his part, was quoted as commenting on Erdogan’s tantrum and breakdown:

“I told you 10 years ago that Erdoğan was sick. He cannot manage his anger. He is in fear and trembling, which is why he is unable to act rationally. This is what it was about at the ceremony. He thinks that he owns the state. He wants to be president, prime minister, shaykh al-islam and AKP president, all at the same time. He loses it whenever he receives criticism. He is in a dreadful psychologic state. He is even afraid of people around him. He must be examined by professionals.”

Emine Ülker Tarhan, an MP for the CHP from Akara commented on the prime minister’s inability to listen and lack of judgement and rationality, saying:

“That was the evidence of a Prime Minister who listens to himself 24/7 and has no patience to listen to other people. We believe that the head of the state must be able to use his judgement rationally, but it seems impossible for him to run the country in such a state of mind since he does not have the patience to listen to others.”

The three are not the only ones who have drawn the psychological stability of the prime minister into question. The fact that leading Turkish MPs set political protocol aside and stress the need for Prime Minister Erdogan to be examined by professionals is, indeed alarming and does raise questions about national security.

Turkey’s former EU minister calls funeral attendees necrophiliacs

Turkey’s former chief negotiator and EU Affairs Minister Egemen Bağış called those who went to the funeral of Berkin Elvan, a teenage boy who died after nine months in a coma as a result of being hit in the head by a tear gas canister during the Gezi Park protests last year, necrophiliacs, a comment that has drawn wide denunciation and vehement criticism.

“Those necrophiliacs who are uncomfortable with the end of terrorism, our brotherhood [with Kurds] and who are targeting the settlement process [to end the three-decades-old Kurdish dispute and armed conflict] will get their response from voters on March 30 [the day of local elections],” Bağış tweeted on Wednesday, as thousands of people flocked to İstanbul’s Şişli district to pay their final respects to Berkin at the funeral ceremony.

His tweet exploded on social media and has drawn the ire of thousands with vehement criticism flooding websites and Twitter.

The tweet was deleted following the harsh reaction.




Election security does not exist for HDP, party says

The People’s Democratic Party’s (HDP) and the main opposition party have voiced concerns over the recent attacks on HDP offices and campaigners, saying election security was not being afforded to the party. 

“There is no election security for the HDP,” said HDP co-chair Ertuğrul Kürkçü at a press conference in Istanbul on March 10, Doğan News Agency reported.

A nationalist group marched on the HDP election office in the southwestern resort district of Fethiye on March 9, in the latest in a series of attacks on the party’s offices across Turkey.

“We call on our government to take all measures for the security of the elections, to remove all obstacles in front of our party’s rights, and to secure a democratic election,” Kürkçü added.

On March 9, Fethiye firefighters were ordered to remove the HDP sign from the building and replace it with Turkish flags. Protesters also threw rocks at the building, breaking windows.

Kürkçü recalled this incident and said the police chief who had ordered the removal of the party’s sign from the building would have to put it back in its place. “We will not beg anyone to protect us. We can protect ourselves. But the main problem is that the citizens’ right to have freedom of elections is being taken from them,” he said.

Kürkçü also said they would apply to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to ensure the security of the upcoming local elections, scheduled for March 30. 

Speaking at the same press conference, fellow HDP co-chair Sebahat Tuncel said it was clear that the attacks were being “managed from one center,” as the security forces had played a role in the incidents.

Tuncel also criticized other political parties for not releasing any statements of condemnation over the incident, saying that keeping silent meant approving of the attacks.

Hürriyet Daily News