Last weekend we vited in the UK, this Sunday (7/6) is your right and duty to vote in Turkey.

Every election is important but this one is even more so. 

And if you can please volunteer to be an observer during the voting and counting. Don’t let those who are hell-bent on winning do so through dodgy means. 

Here is an overview of the run up to the election

Who also reports on ‘the women who turned their back’ during an election rally – a la standing man from the Gezi days – the President’s response will shock you…read the libk to find out


So the London-leg of the genera elections in Turkey was on 30-31 May.

The turnout was just under 30% apparently. Not bad compared to last year’s Presidential elections. Well, not only they were in August, when most are on holiday but also it was a pretty much foregone conclusion.

This one is hopefully not a foregone conclusion. Interesting debates are going on between those who know they will definitely not be voting for AKP but have not made up their minds as to whether to voteĀ for the devil we know or risk it. There are of course over 20 parties, some of which at least this blogger (given the benefit of the distance) had never heard of before last weekend.

Translatingtaksim is independent of all political ties. Just please vote.