#Turkeyvotes – some observations from afar


In many election wards across the country, the power is lost, during vote counting. These happen to be places where AKP victory would indeed be suspicious. Throughout the day we’ve had reports that observers have not been allowed into te counts, akp supporter officials have made people vite in the open (not in booths), people claiming to be residents in apartment blocks to vote but noone in that address has seen them before….still with less than 60% of the votes counted, AKP is down to 45%.


Nobody knows what the results are, gov supporter TV channels already declared AKP victory even though counting is still continuing and CHP (the main opposition) announced they are leading in IStanbul and Ankara.

PM Erdogan is on some balcony, having regained his voice, talking the same divisive language.

videos from various voting stations are emerging on the social media – one recent one i watched from Denizli, an Agean town, in which an AKP representative at the station accepted stamping voting cards for AKP (extra cards that were not picked up by voters).


III. Provinces that had power cut during vote counting



IV – Photo from twitter: “in Erzurum (north east of Turkey), AKP members threw the ballot box on the ground and they are threatening people. The police is just watching” the tweet – oh yes, there was a twitter ban right?!



Bj_ToQtIUAASk4I (1)

V – During the balcony speech of PM Erdogan, about 30-40 people around him (Ministers, MPs etc.) are all sour faced, not 1 is smiling. “Should they not be jumping with joy?” someone asks on social media [if the victory is indeed theirs!]

VI – Social media says in Kecioren (borough of Ankara) – police is protecting the delivery of counterfeit voting papers, while the votes are being recounted. No one is let in to check.

VII – basically no one yet knows in some of the key places — in that different TV channels are reporting different results: For example, according to government supporting channels, Ankara Metropolitan election is won by AKP – by a 0.1% margin, Hayat TV (anti government) says CHP has won. Others say they are still counting.

We’ll wait for the morning to continue the updates. It’s too confusing at the moment.

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