Twitter ban doesn’t really work

Because of course for every clever one who puts on a ban (any ban) there are many more clever ones who know how to defy it!

…2.5 million plus tweets came out of Turkey since the ban

…free smart phone apps and new dns numbers have been circulated –

… even Melih Gokcek, twitter addict and the mayor of Ankara has actually said he changed his dns but hopes this ban will teach those who use insults a lesson!! (Just so that you dont skip the importance of this: the Ankara mayor who is an AKP member defies the court decision that inplements the internet law AKP brought in and openly talks about it!)

…there are calls NOT to demonstrate on the streets today and so not to fall for this provocation

More examples will no doubt follow…

…and they do!

Now Turkish President @cbabdullahgul is tweeting illegally! He says the ban cannot be tolerated, and technically not possible. Turkey is a madhouse tese days and AkP and the Gulen movement are not the only patients…

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