RedHack Investigation Swirls Around “Gezi” and Twitter

26th Nov 2013 – Police authorities resumed the investigation of RedHack – an organization reportedly defined “and illegal organization working against the state”. Detainees were allegedly questions regarding their relation to Gezi protests and twitter account activities.

Ankara Police Cybercrime Investigation Unit interrogated detainees “suspected of being linked with RedHack group, asking them whether they had social media accounts.
Do you enter RedHack with a resume?
“Did you fill in a form to enter RedHack?” authorities asked detainees.
“Those individuals who are willing to become a member of Red Hackers Association (RHA) express their request with a written form. RHA members process the application to a higher committee…RedHack members, like in all illegal organizations, gathered in order to work against the state.”

“How can I work for RedHack? I was in prison”
T.A., who has been detained with RedHack investigation in 2012 and jailed for 9 months in Sincan Prison, was allegedly questioned whether he was working for RedHack during his prison term.

“In the meanwhile, I was jailed for those charges,” he said.
“We met in prison”
When asked whether he knew two other suspects within the investigation, T.A. said he first met them in prison.

“I am already standing trial for related charges at Ankara 13th High Criminal Court. Advocate Efkan Bolaç said it was unlawful for an individual to stand two trials for the same charges.”
“What was your purpose in Gezi?”

Detainees were also asked related their involvement with Gezi Resistance:
“Have you attended Gezi protests? What was your purpose behind pushing people to streets and spread the movement?”
Some of the question were as follows:
“Do you know Manyak, the founder of RedHack? What is your position in the organization? Who gives you the orders?”
“What was your purpose behind leaking top secret cables that would hurt the state? RedHack previously said that they were aiming to establish a socialist order. What is your role in this? ”
The interrogation of 14 suspects including actors Barış Atay ended last night. While suspects were transferred to Ankara Courthouse this morning, some protesters chanted slogans “Everywhere Taksim, everywhere resistance” on the way. (AS/BM)



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