Men and women shall not love in the same house!

PM ERDOĞAN: “Male and female students shall not live in the same house. It is against our conservative democrat mentality. We instructed the authorities to inspect.”

Note that in Turkish he used kiz /oglan for Female / Male which are used to signify virginity, especially in ‘kiz’ for females.

Monday, 4 Nov
After their recent comments and actions against abortion, decollete, alcohol consumption and so on, ruling AK Party continues to abuse the so-called “public morals” of its conservative electorate population. Today, Erdoğan pointed opposite-sex housings among university students as a result of the lack of enough dormitories (and whose fault is that?). He justifies his opposition on the grounds of their “conservative-democrat” mentality – which is basically an OXYMORON. How and based on which constitution they will inspect and act on the free will of adult people, is still a mystery.

*Kaos-gl (an LGBTQ association) has just made this comment:
“we appreciate erdoğan’s support for gay and lesbian couples” :)) irony of course.
Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same sense of irony…photo of a sign written by a resident of an apartment block put up yesterday (5 Nov) complaining the immoral presence of men-women in the same flat and bringing disrepute to their block


In the meantime, Marmaray (tram tunnel under the Bosphorus joining Asia and Europe) which opened on 29 October despite concerns about its safety features not being complete, has been shut down several times – supposedly because exited young travelers pressed all the buttons in te carriages….yea, right!….

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