Turkey at European Human Rights Court

The families of Ethem Sarisuluk, Ali Ismail Korkmaz and Abdullah Comert have applied to European Human Rights Court to bring those who are responsible for these murders to justice.

The families’ lawyers stated:

“In the face of increasing human rights violations in Turkey, there is next to no chance of getting justice in Turkey. Investigations of the police for the use of violence and torture are insufficient. In particular during the investigations and court cases about the murder of Ethem Sarisuluk, Ali Ismail Korkmaz and Abdullah Comert this has become even more apparent.”

While the normal route to EHRC is through exhausting all legal routes in a country, in this case, the lawyers said there is no hope of receiving a just trial (or any trial for that matter) and hence they applied to EHRC now on the basis of violation of Articles 2, 3, 6, 10 and 11.

People from Turkey who live in / around Strasbourg and further away in Europe (even London) have gathered outside to support the families.

For Turkish: http://turkiye.net/haber/alternatif-bakis-haber/gezide-oldurulen-genclerin-davalari-aihmde/

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