Police provocation during Ethem Sarisuluk’s court case

The court case for the police officer Ahmet Sahbaz who shot Ethem Sarisuluk on the head and caused his death during the Gezi Park protests in Ankara on 1 June 2013, took place yesterday under high security measures. Whilst civil polices tried to attack Ethem’s lawyers, defendant’s lawyers attacked one of Ethem’s lawyers.

Ahmet Sahbaz’s case has taken place in Ankara and a large number of police forces (around 100, both civil and uniformed) surrounded the Ankara 6th High Court. They have also entered into the court room. For the security purposes, Ahmet Sahbaz was advised to wear a wig and a fake moustache to attend the case. When Ethem’s lawyers made a complaint about the amount of civil police in the court room, tension occurred between Ethem’s and Ahmet Sahbaz’s lawyers as well as the head of the court and the police officers. Due to the heavy tension during the case and both verbal/ physical attacks towards Ethem’s family, the case was postponed until 28th October.

Original article: http://haber.sol.org.tr/devlet-ve-siyaset/ethemin-davasinda-polis-tahriki-mahkeme-ertelendi-haberi-80031

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