Would real football supporters riot like this?

At yesterday’s (Sunday, 22 Sept) derby game between Besiktas and Galatasaray, a group of supporters invaded the pitch. The game stopped. Police intervened. It’s called a riot.

Besiktas’ fan club CARSI was active during the protests since May, supporting the protesters.

Following this, chanting of slogans was banned at football matches.

A new fan club called 1453 Kartallar (1453 the year Istanbul then called Byzantium was captured by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the then Ottoman Sultan) was set up a few weeks ago. There were rumours that the club was set up by AKP. The evening of the match Rasim Ozan Kutahyali made a statement on Beyaz TV that 1453 club was indeed set up by the AKP Youth Group.

Several tweets from true supporters say that no true supporter would invade the pitch just before a free-kick by their team. Conspiracy theories are realistic enough this time to make them the reality. A fan said the best case scenario is that Besiktas will be punished by not allowing any fans to next five matches. This blogger doesn’t even want to think of what the worst case scenario could be. The government officials who blamed CARSI for bringing politics into football can sleep well tonight for doing a much better job at it.

More a more detailed account in Turkish, see: http://netmuhalefet.org/ (Bir Halk Nasil Dusmanlastirilir)

Bekir Agirdir interprets the eventful match in the wider social context at T24: http://t24.com.tr/yazi/sahaya-inen-binlerce-taraftar-bize-ne-soyluyor/7477

He asks what do the supporter who invaded the pitch tell us?

He says violence is a problem not only in football but in all walks of life in today’s Turkey – including even doctors being attacked by the relatives of patients. The society is changing fast but not the state he adds. There are many Turkeys in terms of geographic, class and cultural identities…and politicians instead of presenting policies and practices that will unite these differences, are dividing them further apart in an attempt to cover up their incompetence.

And it is this division that keeps this blogger awake at not worrying about the future of the country.

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