free transport and meals but not for all pupils

This is an advertisement for imam-hatip schools – which were originally set up to train imams, then after 1980 started to teach the national curriculum and over the years, in particular during the AKP government, increased in number. As the name suggests the focus of the religious education in these schools is Sunni Islam.

The advertisement reads:

Dear Pupils and Parent,

We are awaiting the pupils who finished the 4th year to enrol for the Imam Hatip Secondary Schools, and those who finished the 8th year to enrol for the Imam Hatip High Schools. THE STATE WILL PAY FOR YOUR TRANSPORT AND MEALS.

The objective and importance of Imam-Hatip schools:

In these times when national, moral and ethical values are being eroded, [these schools are] important to educate children to be faithful to these values, to love and serve their family, country and nation and to become believers and ethical individuals.

okul This is wrong in so many levels….the assertion is that in other schools children will not learn about morals, ethics…they will not learn to love and respect and serve their family, country and nation. You may say, well all schools can claim this, this is what advertising is about, everyone claims they are the best at whatever they are selling.


How about the state paying for transport and meals? In other state schools, state does not pay for transport and meals. In private schools, which all parents strive to (but of course still few parents can afford) send their kids to because state education is falling seriously behind, parents pay for all that.

And where does the state get the money? yes, of course, tax payers….so everyone pays, and the money is used for only part of the state education and only for the kind of education to serve one purpose…to mould the young into believers. MP should act on behalf of tax payers, as their job requires, and ask the legality of this arrangement and the advertisement.

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