Teachers facing investigation at the start of the education year over Gezi park events participation

In Adanana/Turkey the national education directorate has launched an administrative investigation on 13 teachers for participating in events of Gezi Park. Teachers accused of directing the masses to participate in actions reacted to the investigation in saying: ‘The purpose bears an intimidation ‘.


In Adana in the scope of the opened investigations commissioned by the national directorate of education the inspectors accused the Education and Science Workers Union (Eğitim-Sen) Adana branch president Kamuran Karaca, board members Orhan Alıcı, Ahmet Karagöz, Esra Aslan Kösele, Yalçın Alçiçek, Abdullah Yalçın ve Halil Kara and members Mehmet Akarsubaşı, Kenan Kalkan, Mehmet Rüştü Şatır, Münir Korkmaz, Ayhan Topal ve Birol Satar of participating in events supporting Gezi park between 4 to 19 June 2013 and were asked to defend themselves against the accusations.

Investigators launched an investigation to teachers, showing their pictures taken at events and led by questions such as, ‘Have you participated in actions in Adana?’ and the ‘were you guiding the protestors?’.

Response to the investigation

Within the scope of an investigation Orhan Alıcı the 58-year-old teacher who has been teaching since 36-years defended himself by saying the used their democratic right in participating events supporting the Gezi park. Orhan Alıcı was adding, “this investigation is just to intimidate us, they want to punish us because we were using our constitutional right, even this situation shows in what contentions the democracy in Turkey is”.

We have been participating in democratic and peaceful acts, is saying the 46 years old Mehmet Akarsubaşı teaching since 25 years. In the course of the events we were not taken into custody are had no accusations. However, now the initiation of the administrative investigation is done for the purpose of ‘intimidation’.  He further said : “The Ministry of interior of Turkey claimed that over 2 million 500 thousand participated to support the Gezi events and Adana’s security directorate announced that street 100 thousand people in the city of Adana were participating in these events”. Further, Mr. Mehmet Akarsubaşı continued, “this investigation was launched about us arbitrarily and they are aiming us to step back in supporting Gezi park events, but they wont succeed”.


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