Tear gas continues to kill….Turkish government continue to ignore

serda23Following Ahmet Atakan’s (22) death during the protests in Hatay on Monday night, another very sad news comes from Kadikoy, Istanbul . Due to the large quantity of tear gas used by the police during  the 3 days protests in Kadikoy, Serdar Kadakal (35) lost his life last night. It was reported that Serdar suffered from heart disease and he had been complaining about the affects of tear gas for the last 3 days both in his house and where he worked in Kadikoy.

Serdar had a heart attack last night during his shift at a bar in Kadikoy, where he worked as a sound engineer. He was taken to Kadikoy Sifa Hospital immediately by his friends, however he could not be returned to life.

idweaz7krcjIn the meantime, AKP government continue to ignore towards this very serious issue. Egemen Bagis who is the minister responsible from the EU Relations gave a speech on a TV channel in Turkey, saying that in comparison to hundred thousands of people dying in Syria, the number of deaths in Turkey is nothing. “I am sad about young people dying in Turkey. But if the same protests had happened in London, Paris or New York, a lot more people would die. Our policemen are patient and brave”.

For the original articles: http://haber.sol.org.tr/devlet-ve-siyaset/kadikoyde-biber-gazi-olumu-serdar-kadakal-hayatini-kaybetti-haberi-79583


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