People of Van hunger strike for the most basic living conditions


After 2 years, the people of Van who were heavily affected by the earthquakes, are still struggling to survive. Several promises made by the government who placed people of Van into artificially created container cities, have not been keeping their promises. Moreover, the electricity is cut off around the container city now, and the government is trying to evict people out of their temporary homes. To win their battle,  people who have been living in the ‘Anatolia container city’ have been hunger striking for the last 17 days. One of the earthquake victims Isa Goren reports that even though the government knew about this hunger strike which people put their lives into such a risk, they did nothing about it.

Goren also said that after today, 20 people will go into death strike and if the government do not do anything about this, they will also start not sending their children to school. “At the moment, most of our children are ill and we can not look after them. We will continue our strike, until there is a solution and we are given suitable housing.

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