London protests continue

31 August 2013: Anti-War march organised by Stop the War Coalition

anti war


1 September 2013: On World Peace Day, Gezi-ci Exhibition took place from London Eye on the Southbank to Trafalgar Square.

A group of artists and immigrants who came together via London Gezi Forum organised this Street Exhibition to support the resistance which has been continuing  since 27 May 2013. The Exhibition is named after Gezi Park and is being held on 1 September 2013 to remark the World Peace Day. The owner of the exhibition is R. Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey. The exhibition consists of photographs taken during the Gezi Park resistance which capture the state brutality and people’s resistance.

The aim: We are aiming to raise international public awareness regarding state violence in Turkey. We say “Freedom for Gezi Prisoners” and “Justice for Our Loss”

Photographs  taken by:  Murat Pulat, Nazım Serhat Fırat, Rıza içöz, Yasemin Karslı, Kamusal yerleştirmeler: Pınar Canpolat, Banu Schmid, Yasemin Karslı

gezici 1 gezici 2 gezici 3

8 September 2013: Campaign Against Arms Trade protest attended by London Gezi supporters too.



For more on the protest:

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