‘We will stay here to rebuild our churches, to bury our dead…’

On the 58th anniversary of the 6 – 7 September pogrom, we are publishing an article (15th September 1955) in Embros which back then was publishing in Greek in Istanbul:

We will stay here where we belong. We will pick ourselves up and rebuild our churches, bury our dead, tidy our houses and shops and we will remain here. We will stay in this country where we were born, grew up and, though they are ruined, our parents’ and grandparents’ graves are. From broken graves, ruined churches and schools, houses and shops we will create a new world. With patience and courage, we will once again bring order to our lives. …

We are staying because it is our right to stay here. We don’t want the state to protect us but we, as the citizens of this country, want the concept of the state to be protected.

For the Turkish version of the complete article: http://www.agos.com.tr/haber.php?seo=burada-kalacagiz-kiliselerimizi-yeniden-yapmak-olulerimizi-gommek&haberid=5690

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