Stairs Up to the Rainbow

After the rainbow stairs in İstanbul being painted in gray and then again in rainbow colors by the municipality, many other stairs and roads turned rainbow all around Turkey.

64-year-old forest engineer Hüseyin Çetinel painted the stairs going up from Fındıklı to Cihangir in rainbow colors last week. Beyoğlu Municipality, which governs the city’s hub including Gezi Park, drew fire as it painted the stairs in gray on Friday.

Grab a brush and show your colors!
The municipality painted the stairs in rainbow colors again following the criticism on social media and many other “grab a brush” activities painted the streets of Turkey with the famous LGBT symbol. Participants of a rainbow protest that took place in Fındıklı on Saturday commemorated the victims of LGBT murders and the Gezi Park resistance.
Yeni Akit, a fundamentalist newspaper known for spreading hatred against LGBTs presented the rainbow coloring as an “immorality”, claiming that Gezi Park protesters are trying to pervert the youth by spreading “gayness and lesbianism.”

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