Cameron “gets it”…. will Erdogan ever?

MPs in the UK Parliament voted, about an hour ago,  against the government and rejected(the principle) possible military intervention in Syria.

David Cameron’s response was “I get it”

The loss is significant – while the majority is only 13 votes, about 50 Conservative MPs are reported to have said no to their PM.


The BBC News channel announced this and then moved on to show the victims of a bombing to a school. Several civilians with 50%+ burns, suffering unspeakably. How unfortunate that we didn’t and don’t see this level of detail from the military intervention and insurgency in Iraq.


The Economist is being true to form and points out there is no easy option – though their article seems to be based on the assumption that Assad’s government is indeed responsible for the chemical attack and that in response to no action will lead to more attacks.


In the meantime, earlier today PM Erdogan of Turkey held a closed doors meeting with top officials.

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