ODTU put up its resistance tents

People from ODTU (Middle East Technical University) began their protests against the plans to construct a road through parts of the Yil and Cigdem districts as well as ODTU. Even though permission has not been issued yet, they began to carry out preparatory work. As part of the protest tents were put up next to the construction site. The protestors included people from the area, students from ODTU and several forums like100. Yil Inisiyatifi, Cayyolu Uc Fidan Parki Forum and Anitkabir Forum.

During the reading of a press statement riot police were called to the scene. On being warned by the police, the protestors said that they would not leave the area until the construction was stopped. An ODTU student who entered the university in 1963 said that he himself planted those trees 50 years ago and that they were not planted in order to be destroyed as such.

For the full version in Turkish: http://www.sendika.org/2013/08/odtu-direnis-cadirlarini-kurdu-kahrolsun-bagzi-yollar/

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