We’re done with Turkey, we will be selling TOMAs to the world from now on

Following PM Erdogan’s instructions, the police forces had ordered 43 new TOMAs and 400.000 tonnes of pepper gas. 12 million liras of this order was paid from a discretionary fund.

The CEO of Katmerciler, Mehmet Katmerci, who was recently on the news with this TOMA sale said ‘We have proved with the Gezi protests that Turkey is capable of producing TOMAs for the world.’
Katmerciler sold 10 TOMAs so far. Former AKP MP Ismail Katmerci’s son, Mehmet Katmerci, said that there has been a world wide interest in their TOMAs since the Gezi protests and that people have seen in the international media Turkey’s capacity for producing such vehicles.
Katmerciler sold 10 TOMAs in 2012. Their aim for this year is 60.
The share of Katmerciler in stock exchange raised by 14% since June 2013.
The company’s value raised by 41% since January 2013.
Katmerciler’s international market is mainly Iraq, Azarbaijan and Libya.

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