Entrepreneurs move to trademark Gezi slogans

The Turkish Patent Institute has granted patents for the trademark slogans and Twitter hash tags that became popular during the Gezi Park protests, which sparked an anti-governmental movement across Turkey at the end of May.

The “#direngezi” (Resist Gezi) hash tag and “Biber gazına hayır” (No Pepper Spray) slogan could soon be used on several products following the approval of the patent application.

People might encounter #direngezi-brand stationery, calendars, posters, photographs or paintings on several media and press platforms, including books, magazines, newspapers, movies or television programs.

The “Biber gazına hayır” slogan, another popular phrase from the movement, is expected to be used on paper towels, toilet paper, cardboard boxes, binding products or paintbrushes and rollers.

The words “Çapulcu” and “Duran Adam” (Standing Man) phrases have also been the subject of patent applications amid the protests.

The government and the police received widespread condemnation for their heavy-handed response to protests in Taksim Gezi Park that ignited a country-wide movement.



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