Yoğurtçu Park of Istanbul supports Rojova

A group of volunteers has launched a campaign in Istanbul’s Yoğurtçu Park by setting up #resistrojava desk, accepting medicine and dry foods donations in order to support people in Rojava – Syria’s Kurdish region. The campaign was initially launched on August 4, after Al Nusra Front has committed a series of massacres on Kurdish people in Rojava, Syria. Volunteers are reportedly working on to spread to other forums in Istanbul’s various parks and also setting up social media accounts on Twitter (@rojavayayardim) and Facebook (Rojavaya Acil Yardım) to spread the word.



The campaign statement included:

“Supported and nourished by AKP government, Al Nusra Front is committing massacres on Kurdish people in Rojava who are demanding for freedom and democracy. The Front is trying to annihilate all Kurdish people regardless of infants, children, young, women and men. During Gezi Resistance, we have not only raised demands for peace, democracy, freedom but also we have came to understand the value of fraternity. Now we are accepting donations for Rojava.”

Original source in English and Turkish:



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