Reply from Kavur to Erdogan: The Times open letter

A Turkish film producer and director Fuad Kavur, who signed the open letter to Turkey’s PM Erdogan in the Times Newspaper, has replied to Erdogan’s heavy comments about the celebrities who also signed the letter. Erdogan had made comments such as “those people must have got paid in order to sign the letter and they would not even be able to point out where Turkey is on the world map”. Kavur said that none of those people are in need of money and they are some of the top people in their professionalism. By saying that those people would not be able to show where Turkey is on the map, Erdogan also insults people for being illiterate, some of whom are the historian Andrew Mango who wrote many books about the history of Turkey and the very talented Turkish musician Fazil Say who both signed the letter.

Kavur added that he brought together the names who signed the letter and like the others, he signed the letter as he believed in what it said. He also reminded “If these events had happened in Britain and if the PM caused the death of 5 people, he would have resigned the next day and possibly would be taken to the court. Having the support of 50% of the population would not mean that Erdogan can do whatever he would like to do in Turkey.

On 24th July 2013, The Times newspaper in the UK published an open letter to Turkey’s PM Tayyip Erdogan, signed by 30 people who are well known actors, producers, directors, musicians, historians and authors.

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