Amnesty International calls for a “Cyber” protest

A new statement, “Back to Taksim” is released by the Amnesty International and calls for action to peacefully protest police violence through a cyber platform.

Since all the physical access to organize demonstrations or protests in Taksim Square are either blocked or controlled by the government supported authorities, Amnesty International invited activists to symbolically join protests by “logging in from a social media account (Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus)”.

“In order to protest police violence in a peaceful manner and demand for justice, please join our cyber protest and take part in our Taksim Square map,” the statement said.

The statement emphasized that ” according to constitution Article 34, everybody has the right to hold peaceful and non-armed demonstrations and protests without permission. Organizing peaceful demonstrations and protests were an essential human right and the authorities must ensure this right.”  It also reminded that this right was especially violated in Taksim Square example.

To place yourself on the Taksim Square map and to virtually protest and support the protesters in Taksim Square area, please go to the link below:

The sources for the original articles in Turkish and English:


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