The lack of ‘computer batteries knowledge’ fails the judge candidate

30th July 2013 –  According to Gökçer Tahincioglu’s report in Milliyet newspaper, Iğdır Tuzluca born Adem Sevilmiş became a Treasury Lawyer after graduating from Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Law in 2003. Although Mr. Sevilmiş achieved the judicial and administrative judge-prosecutor’s examination 22 times, he kept failing at the interview stages each time.

This time Mr. Sevilmiş’s knowledge was tested with ‘awkward’ questions; Apple tree planting distance, notebook computer battery types and the first foreign debt of the Ottoman Empire. His recent exam was recorded on a camera as Sevilmiş filed a law suit for his interviews not being recorded previously. In one of his interviews, he told the exam board that how upset his elderly parents was and wanted to find out the reasoning behind his failings. He could not find an answer. However, after a conversation with a politician, he was told that, there are unofficial information on his file and he would never be able to achieve these exams.

Mr. Sevilmiş doesn’t give up, he will re-take the exam on the 4th of October this year.

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