Police intervenes injured child’s familys’ press statement

31st July 2013 – 16 years old Berkin Elvan was hit by a gas bomb on his head in Istanbul on the 16th of June and he is still in the hospital suffering from a brain haemorrhage. Today, police intervened his parents’ press statement in Istanbul. BBC correspondent reports that prior to the family’s call for the press release, police first shut Istiklal Street and tried to push people to Sıraselviler and then to Taksim where reported rows started.

Police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protesters and activists broke to alleys. BBC correspondent keeps reporting the use of water cannons in Istiklal Street.

For Turkish:

Photo from sendika.org

Photo from sendika.org

Photo from sendika.org



http://www.sendika.org/2013/07/taksimde-halk-berkin-icin-toplandi-polis-vahsice-saldirdi-dakika-dakika/ (Turkish)

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