Rocket projectile kills in Ceylanpinar


On 26th July 2013, armed clashes between Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Syrian-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) in the Syrian border district of Ras al-Ayn caused a rocket projectile flying into a field in the Ceylanpinar district of Sanliurfa, Turkey. Mahsun Ertuğrul (17) was hit by the stray bullet and died shortly after his injury in Mehmet Akif Inan hospital in Sanliurfa . Ahmet Gündüz (15), another victim from Turkey, was also reported to be dead after a struggle in the intensive care in Balikligol Public Hospital in Sanliurfa.

Following the accidents, some injured FSA militants have been brought to Ceylanpınar for their treatment. This caused a reaction amongst Ceylanpınar residents with dozens of people protesting against it by the hospital gate. The protestors also did a silent protest outside the mayor’s office where they were heavily attacked by the police with TOMA vehicles and tear gas.

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