PM Erdogan will take The Times to court!

For Turkish:

Those who advertised in The Times are tacktless. These are people who rent out their thinking. If they had belief in democracy, they would not show the indecency to call a Prime Minister elected by 50% of the votes a dictator. How do you know me? When did you speak with me?

The Times is renting its page out.

This shows their moral corruption.

We will take legal steps against the Times.   

Also see:

Further responses to the letter came from others in the AKP government:
EU Minister Egemen Bagis, never one to miss an opportunity for snide repartee against Erdogan and AKP detractors, also jumped into the fray. He called on “God to reform the signatories” and dredged up the hackneyed reference to Syria and Egypt. “If some people are looking for Nazis, they should look at their own history, at their own mentality. But they should not worry. As they continue their attacks in this way, and spew out their hatred, our nation becomes more united,” Bagis said during an iftar dinner organized by the AKP.
Huseyin Celik, AKP deputy head and government spokesman, had claimed a day earlier that the signatories had remained silent “in the face of the human drama unfolding in Syria and Egypt, while comparing the rallies of a democratically elected party to Hitler’s rallies.” He added, in a statement carried by the semiofficial Anadolu News Agency, “Those who say this must first wash their mouths out,” and then went on to accuse the signatories of “insolence.”Read more:

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