Pregnant women are ugly. they must stay at home.

This is of course not the view of those of us who run this blog. Regular readers will know.

This is what a so-called religious expert, author, speaker on such matters, Ömer Tuğrul İnançer, said on TRT 1 (Turkish State Radio and TV Channel 1) programme about Ramadan yesterday evening, 24 July 2013.

His words in this video are:

OTI: Because to announce one’s pregnancy as if beating a drum is not good manners.

Speaker: God bless you.

OTI: You cannot walk on the streets with your stomach out there. Above all, it’s not aesthetic. After, 7, 8, 6 months, to get some fresh air,  our mother-to-be sister can get in her husband’s car and go for a little ride…over an evening…some things…now you can see with wings / without wings flying about on the TV channels…

Speaker: cringes [note not at what OTI says but at the idea of wings]

OTI: It’s a shame. A disgrace. This is called bad manners.

In the meantime, in the UK, Kate Middleton’s royal post-baby bump is a boost of confidence for new mums.

We wonder if monarchy is in fact better than democracy?!

We also wonder what unlawful laws have been passed through the Turkish Parliament today while people were kept busy talking about the aesthetics of pregnancy

kate middleton

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