Police Operation in Antakya: Tents taken down, Armutlu under siege and house raids…


Antakya, one of the most dynamic centres of the resistance, started the day with a big police operation.

The police operation started with water cannons and panzers at 4.45am this morning.More than 10 people were arrested in Antakya, Samandağ, Serinyol, Ekinci and Harbiye.

The park, Sevgi Direniş Parkı, was also under attack upon the complaints of Antakya Muncipality. The tents were taken down and were seized by the muncipality workers. The plane trees planted in the memory of the people who lost their lives during the protests were knocked down. Abdullah Cömert’s (who has lost his life in Antakya during the protests) museum was demolished. The police seized Cömert’s clothes and accessories and also the diary that was started in his memory.

A panzer at the entrance to the Sevgi Direniş Park:

Hatay Police Headquarters made a statement about the operation: “This is a park and we opened the park to the public!” The park that is claimed to be opened to public is under siege by police’s panzers at the moment. People weren’t allowed to get in the park.

Tayyip Erdoğan had given the signals of the operation last night in the luxuries iftar dinner saying “Look at Hatay, they still haven’t stopped the protests but we have to react and do what’s needed towards those people behaving wrongly.”

People of Antakya got on the streets again protesting  the operation in the morning


The shopkeepers have closed their shops and everyone will gather in Uğur Mumcu Avenue tonight.

Labour and democracy committees had a press conference at 13:00 today in Sevgi Direniş Parkı, that was attacked by the police this morning: “We have been observing the fascistic implementations of Justice and Development Party government and the state to oppress our citizens’ resistance on the streets, demanding justice and equalitiy all around the country. We will not give up on our righteous struggle today, just like we didn’t give up in the past days of this resistance. We want our arrested friends and our parks back and we will get them!”

Police stopped the people who were trying to walk towards the park for the press conference but had to step down when the citizens didn’t give up.

After the press conference, people went to the Hatay Police Department to support the arrested citizens.

The shop keepers will close down their shutters at 7pm today and people of Antakya who have been on the streets for the past 2 months will meet at Uğur Mumcu Avenue again at 8pm this evening.


Original Articles in Turkish: http://www.sendika.org/2013/07/antakyada-polis-operasyonu-cadirlar-toplandi-armutluda-abluka-ev-baskinlari/

and http://www.sendika.org/2013/07/antakya-operasyonlara-karsi-sokaga-cikiyor/

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