Erdogan’s Call :”Report your neighbours”

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called upon people to report their neighbours banging pots and pans to the police

Speaking at the opening of Kastamonu Airport, Erdogan commented on Gezi Protests and once more called upon people to act as informers to the state.

Some headlines from the PM’s speech were as follows:

*We want an enlightened youth. We want a youth that walks around with computers, not cleavers. We do not want a youth that attacks shops with Molotov Cocktails and has a propensity towards violence. Using Molotov Cocktails is a crime.

*Using pots and pans, mind you not in the kitchen; disturbing your neighbours is a crime. You shall be the ones to bring such cases to the court. You should not expect the state to do everything for you. Noise pollution is a threat against the environment. We will take precautions against such things, acting together. Nobody has the right to disturb anyone.

*They started jumping up and down in frustration, once I mentioned the interest lobby. That is because they are exploiting my compatriots with non-interest income. Not everyone should get a credit card. Mind your expenses and remain within your budgets. Otherwise, nobody should complain later when debt collectors knock on their doors.

The PM concluded his remarks saying “everything is in order”.

The original for this article can be found in Turkish here.

3 thoughts on “Erdogan’s Call :”Report your neighbours”

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