Was Cenk Akyol dismissed from European Championship for criticising NTV’s broadcast policy.

NTV network is amongst many other Turkish Media outlets that have been criticized for not covering the events during the Gezi Park protests. Cenk Akyol; one of the most successful and experienced basketball players in Turkey was dismissed from the ‘National Team’ after he refused to give an interview to NTV. Akyol said “Gezi events have been very upsetting for all of us. I’ve used my right to not to speak to an ignorant channel. Sometimes, remaining silent could be more hard-hitting to demonstrate your reaction than speaking.”

Cenk Akyol stated that a week before the announcements he had a face to face conversation with Ertugrul Erdogan from technical team and a phone chat with Nihat Akyol Izic. They both confirmed that Akyol was in the squad. He added; “I rang Mr. Izic to ask the reason behind my dismissal. His response was ‘ The State’. I personally would not like to believe this excuse. I am expecting more explanation about this from Mr. Izic.” Nihat Akyol Izic denies allegations.

For more in Turkish:


Video: Cenk Akyol refuses to talk to NTV

                Cenk Akyol

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