3rd Bridge had no Environmental Impact Assessment

For Turkish (12 July 2013): http://www.baskahaber.org/2013/07/tmmobdan-3-kopru-acklamas-iste-bu.html

Abridged translation

3rd Bridge project in Istanbul has been exempted by the central government from EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) despite all the calls from TMMOB (Union of Engineers and Architects Chambers of Turkey).

[translator’s note: In international standards, it is a scandal for such a big infrastructure not to go througha cost-benefit-analysis as well as an EIA.]

TMMOB appealed in courts against this exemption in April 2013. Despite the High Court ruling in favour of TMMOB, the exemption continued.

In addition, a law has been passed that makes sure that the exemption of the 3rd Bridge from EIA is now legal.

This is an engineering and planning mistake. It has no place in science and it is against public benefit.

The following questions must be answered [by those who are undertaking this project and the government]:

Will the natural areas destroyed during the construction which is now deemed to be in the wrong place be remediated?

Will the damage to national resources during compulsory take over of the lands for construction be counted and compensated?

What is the public benefit of not conducting an EIA in this case, when EIAs must be conducted when asking for foreign credit?

While there are reports being prepared as to how banks can get back their credit if the need arises, why has the project been exempted from an EIA prepared with public benefit, health and participation in mind?

Is this ‘wrong’ construction in fact that of a 4th Bridge?

Not conducting an EIA cannot be ‘environmentalist’ [translator’s note: PM Erdogan claimed that his government was the most environmentalist in Turkish history and had planting something close to 3 billion trees – yes ‘billion’]

We are not saying there should be no construction of bridges, airports, ports, other infrastructure.

We demand these projects to be designed according to the principles of engineering and planning and to serve public benefit and health.

Do you still not get that?

3 kpru 2 3 kopru

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