Kafka would be ashamed – ‘crimes’ Taksim Solidarity members are accused of and ‘evidence’

Of the 50 people who were detained on Monday 8th July, 38 has been released today. 12 will be arrested.

The summary proceedings allege the following crimes:

–        Taksim Solidarity (TS) used printed, visual and social media to call for people to go to Gezi Park and hence had an active role in the events to get bigger.

–        The statements made through Taksim Solidarity’s Twitter, Facebook and website accounts were “calls that threaten the civil order”

–        In the statements and tweets, TS showed state’s police force as if the enemy (“we chased the TOMA – water cannons  – away”)

–        TS enabled thousands of people to go to Taksim Square and other squares and thereby created an opportunity for marginal groups to act provocatively

–        TS caused 100s of police officers to be injured during the attacks. Despite these injuries, calls for people to come out continued.

–        Gezi Park and surroundings were occupied preventing the use of this public space

–        TS caused Beyoglu, Sisli and Besiktas neighbourhoods to be closed to traffic for days.

–        TS caused local businesses to suffer great economic losses

In addition, the summary includes the legal protests 9 of the accused attended years ago.


–        They found an A4 piece of paper in the home of Mucella Yapici, General Secretary of Istanbul branch of Association of Architects that shows chaos is created through websites such as “sendika.org”, “video occupy”, “hemzemin”, “dayanisma.org”, “gezi postası” ve “gezi hukuku”

–        Some ‘documents’ found in Ms Yapici’s home that shows TS has been directing the protests in Turkey

–        The following found on / in the home of the accused:

  • Hard hats
  • Gloves
  • Gas mask
  • Sun glasses
  • Goggles
  • Scissors
  • Red cloth
  • A poster with ‘rabid’ written on it
  • An apron with Taksim Dayanismasi written on it
  • A motorbike helmet
  • AND due to typo in the report – ‘the colour green’…presumably they wanted to say some object coloured green…a Freudian slip if there ever was one!

–        In only one person’s home, marble and slingshot have been found.

The Accused – all from constituents of Taksim Dayanismasi – for whom there is now arrest warrant:

  1. General Secretary of Istanbul branch of Architects Association, Mücella Yapıcı,
  2. Burak Atlar,
  3. General Secretary of Istanbul Doctors (Medical) Association, Ali Çerkezoğlu,
  4. Beyza Metin,
  5. HDK (Haklarin Demoktratik Kongresi), council member : Ender İmrek,
  6. Ahmet Kamil Tekerek,
  7. Mehmet Sabri Orcan,
  8. Süleyman Solmaz,
  9. HDK (Haklarin Demoktratik Kongresi), council member: Haluk Ağabeyoğlu,
  10. Arda Mustafa Aytaç,
  11. Aral Demircan,
  12. Erdem Ateş

Numbers of the detained (as reported in the summary proceedings):
31 May: 81

1 June: 106

4 June: 82

5 June: 65

12 June: 55

13 June: 1

16 June: 175

23 June: 27

29 June: 11

6 July: 61

8 July: 50

Full article in Turkish:



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