Why is the Parliament’s squeezing of an NGO (TMMOB) out so important?


– When the cables of the lift you are in may break;

– When the LPG tube in the back of the taxi you are in will explode;

– Whether the house you are in will collapse in an earthquake;

– When and where an earthquake will happen and how much damage it will cause;

– When the gas in your home will start to leak;

– When there will be an accident at your work place;

….and hundreds of examples like this….

Until today in Turkey, TMMOB (Union of Chambers of Engineers and Architects of Turkey) was the organisation which analysed such risks objectively and scientifically.

Now, no more.

In an over-night operation, a law was passed and TMMOB’s all independent powers are taken away….Now, developers in Turkey will be able to create whatever risk they like, will not take any precautions they can’t be bothered with and we will be wondering everyday everywhere “what danger lies ahead?”…because there will be no TMMOB will not be able to serve its auditing purpose.

This is why. Without independent bodies like TMMOB providing vital checks and balances, a democracy cannot be called a democracy.

One thought on “Why is the Parliament’s squeezing of an NGO (TMMOB) out so important?

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