This is how you end the fasting on the first day of Ramadan

Another miracle is happening in Turkey today!
With the invitation of Anticapitalist Muslims and Revolutionary Muslims who have been part of the uprising, Earth tables are set in Taksim for the first night of Ramadan. People gathered and brought food and set tables on the floor of Istiklal Street in Taksim and it goes all the way to Gezi Park. It’s a MIRACLE…

You need to understand the schizophrenic duality in Turkey between practicing muslims and those who call themselves secular. There’s been a tense separation between these for a long time. and now for the first time, those who believe, who practice, who doesn’t care, who doesn’t believe come together at the same table to celebrate the first dinner of Ramadan. Wounds of duality are healing.

Everyday we witness a miracle in Turkey these days…

Gezi Spirit is ALIVE: community, diversity, unity, solidarity, dialogue, and love

iftar 0907-4 iftar 0907-3 iftar 0907-2 iftar 0907-1


there was of course at least one TOMA (water cannon) waiting around. why? who knows…

iftar 0907-6 toma iftar 0907-5 toma


AND in Taksim Square itself, there were a few tables organised by the rulers, couldn’t find a picture of actually people sitting at the tables. Mayor of Ankara tweeted this picture below with pride….though Istiklal Street where the above pictures are taken is about 1 mile long and in comparison these tables are nothing, he was also arrogant enough to say in a twit: “well done, see, if you behave yourselves and have your ‘iftar’ like proper people, we don’t interfere“…hah!

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