They did not ‘loose’ their lives….they were killed

All they did was to use their RIGHT to assembly and voice their FREEDOM of speech. Clearly not allowed in the democracy of Turkey. As they were killed.



“We were struck down, my people, don’t forget us!”

Ali Ismail Korkmaz – was beaten up brutally by a group of civilians in Eskisehir. Was too scared to go to hospital. When he went, he was not seen because he was a protester. They told him he was fine. The next morning he couldn’t speak. He was taken to another hospital and into an operation for brain hemorrhage. He’d been in coma for more than a month. He died on 10 July 2013. Aged 19. 

Ethem Sarisuluk – was shot in the head by a police officer. Ethem did not have a gun in his hand. Despite there being video evidence of the moment of shooting, the officer was released due to ‘self defence’. He died on 12 June 2013. Aged 28. 

Abdullah Comert – was in the protests in Hatay. Conflicting reports came as to whether he died with blunt force to the head or with a bullet to the head. He died on 3 June 2013. Aged 22.

Mehmet Ayvalitas – was in Istanbul. Died under a car that drove into the crowd of protesters. He died on 3 June 2013. Aged 22.

Medeni Yildirim – was protesting the extension of a police station in Lice. He was shot at the back. He died on 28 June 2013. Aged 18.

There are over 9000 injured, about 1000 serious condition, 90+ people have lost their eye(s) due to being hit in the face by gas bombs.

Veteran activists across the world say don’t use the numbers of the dead or injured. People are blind to these numbers. People die all over the world every day.

Can you be blind to this moment when Ali Ismail Korkmaz’s mother heard the news of her son’s death? This is his red jacket he had on him when he was attacked. His mother has been wearing it since.

Alinin annesi

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