The houses of the members of Taksim Solidarity detained yesterday are being searched

Yesterday in the shambles of Gezi Park being closed-open-closed-open, the police detained key figures from Taksim Solidarity including


Arama kararı çıkarılanlar arasında ayrıca Mimarlar Odası’ndan Mücella Yapıcı from Architects Association, Ali Çerkezoğlu, the General Secretary of Istanbul Doctors Association, HDK’dan Haluk Ağabeyoğlu of HDK, Ender İmrek, the Vice Chair of EMEP (Turkey-Labour Party) and  Beyza Metin, Chair of Istanbul branch of Electrical Engineers Association.

The lawyers questioned the search warrant for Yapici’s home: the public prosecutor was not present (as he was busy with searches in 8 separate addresses). When the lawyers pointed this out, there was tension. The police who was present for the search threatened the lawyers with calling for the terrorism branch poilce. The search warrant did not contain what the crime Ms Yapici is accused of and what they police will be looking for. The police did not listen to the lawyers’ objections and entered the home and is continuing the search with lawyers present.

There was no one at Mr Çerkezoğlu’s home but the police broke the door to enter and search the property. Same with Ms Metin’s home.

Police is reported to not to have waited for the lawyers or family of Mr Ağabeyoğlu before starting the search.

For Turkish:

For the constituents of Taksim Solidarity see:

2 thoughts on “The houses of the members of Taksim Solidarity detained yesterday are being searched

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