Sexual Harassment to Woman Protester inside the police vehicle: You were single, no?

Eylem Karadag, a graduate student who had been arrested during the Gezi Protests in Ankara, said she was subjected to harassment and violence by the police inside a police vehicle, and has filed a complaint.
Eylem Karadag, a graduate student who had been arrested during the Gezi protests in Ankara’s Dikmen neighbourhood, said she was subjected to harassment inside a “scorpion”-type police vehicle, and filed a criminal complaint.
According to a report in Vatan, Karadag, who said that she was harassed by the police while under arrest, has filed a complaint against the police before Ankara’s Chief Prosecutor. Women came to the Court of Justice to support Karadag holding a banner that read “Harassing Police will be held accountable”
You were single, were you not? [note: here by ‘single’ it’s likely that ‘virginity’ is also being implied]
Karadag said, in an announcement she made before filing the complaint, that she was kept inside a “scorpion” when she was arrested, and subjected to violence, harassment and torture. “Violence, harassment and torture inside the “scorpion” lasted 1-1.5 hours. Harassment and violence continued in the police vehicle I was later transferred to. I was kept in the scorpion and the police vehicle for around 4 hours, and then handed over to the relevant department.”
Karadag said that one police officer inside the “scorpion” kept harassing and torturing using expressions such as “crush those, sit on them, they are dishonourable, they are traitors, you should not “leave them without men”, you were celibate, were you not?”. Karadag noted that the attacks were not confined to these.
Dilsat Aktas, Halkevleri [Community Centres] Secretary for Women, said that there may be other women who may have faced police violence and harassment, and called upon these women not to remain silent and file complaints against the perpetrators.
Karadag had delivered the following testimony at the Security Branch Office at Ankara Department of Police:
“I have participated in the Gezi Park protests as an individual and was present at the Gezi Park protests on Thursday at Dikmen. There was no case of putting up barricades, lighting fire or cutting access on the road. The police struck on the protesters without any prior warning. We entered a cafe, as my friend accompanying me panicked and could not leave the spot as the police intervention continued. Then the riot police came and beat up and arrested me and my friend. The police hit my friend in the head and the back although s/he was small and neither of us put up any resistance to the police. They put me in a “scorpion” and I was sexually abused. One of the police was squeezing my breasts whereas the other was harassing me by touching my hips. Then another officer who was said to be a police chief said: “Do not let them sit on the seats, put them under yourselves and crush them”, upon which one of the offices sat on my leg and another put his hand on my breast. Then they brought me to the Police Department. The police that arrested me are known. I would like to issue a complaint against them all.”

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