Tayfun Kahraman, President of the Istanbul Chamber of Urban (Town) Planners has been transferred to Gaziantep.
Tayfun Kahraman, who has been working as a specialist at the Istanbul Regional Preservation Board for the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been transferred.
According to a news item that appeared on, Kahraman received a letter stating that he has been re-assigned to work at the Gaziantep Preservation Board, since he
has been involved in “activities conflicting with his duties”.
Kahraman has confirmed the news on his twitter account, saying: “I have been temporarily re-assigned to work at [Gazi]Antep. News that hit Twitter are correct. I will be working in Antep for a month”
Tayfun Kahraman, who is a member of the Taksim Platform, had been present in the committee that held a meeting with the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and had delivered a speech following the meeting.
The ruling AKP had included Kahraman’s speech in a 28-minute video titled “The Great Game” it had prepared to present its version of the Gezi Park resistance.
Who is Tayfun Kahraman?
Tayfun Kahraman (32), who had been elected the President of the Istanbul Chamber of Urban Planners in 2010, is a graduate of the Urban and Regional Planning Department at Mimar Sinan University.
Kahraman, who has been carrying out a PhD at the Department of Public Management at Istanbul University, has been giving courses and seminars on urbanism, urban planning and planning regulations.
The original news item can be found here (27 June 2013):

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