Protests in Taksim 2013 vs Nika riots 532

Jonathan Freeland takes the long view of riots in Turkey: as Prime Minister Erdogan confronts his critics in Taksim Square, Jonathan and his guests consider Emperor Justinian’s response to the Nika Riots of AD532 in Constantinople as the citizens rose up and demanded change at the heart of the Byzantine Empire. Historian Bettany Hughes guides us through the events and brutal response of Justinian and his Empress Theodora – whilst the modern story is reflected by guests from both sides of the political divide.

broadcast on 2 July 2013. available on iplayer (at least in the UK) for 7 days


with a Turkish scholar, an actor and a MUSIAD representative are discussing too… a PM and an Emperor…both in pursuit of absolute power…two peoples (now and then) who put aside their differences and stood together against the power…lots of facts, some lies….’how will history judge these events and men?’ is the open question

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