Summer accessories of 2013

A personal story of Gezi protests through photographic documentation of the accessories

Today, I have the pleasure to present a Spanish photographer who has been documenting the protests for the past month since the protests began. Salva Ferrando is from Valencia, where he studied Audivisual Arts. He finished his studies at Eskeisehir University with a photographic documentary project in 2007. Salva moved to Istanbul in 2008 and is still living there working as an advertising director. Silva still likes to dedicate time to photography, but he doesn’t take work orders. He does it as a personal hobby where he can develop documentary projects to which he can get emotionally involved. Today, Salva presents a series of amazing pictures of iconic objects that became part of the day to day life in Turkey this past month. He will explain the moment in which these objects came into Turkish people’s lives and how they were used.

Voices XXXII: Salva Ferrando. Istanbul – Summer 2013 Accessories

After riots transformed our day-to-day, many items we were accustomed to using, such as laptops or backpacks stuffed with clutter, suddenly became uncomfortable and useless. Meanwhile, other accessories became, without a shadow of a doubt, indispensable for up to twenty days, and we still keep them close at hand, just in case. With this still life style series I want to portray to what extent riots have changed our lives and street lives. A change took place between those objects we used to use for working or simply for passing time and those indispensable to us now for staying safe or even alive. I believe that these accessories represent the people’s will to resist before the government’s power abuse, which attempts to silence the voices that rise for equality and freedom by means of brutal repressions and violence.


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