A collective notice of a crime

Around 200 people went to Istanbul Palace of Justice in Caglayan (where lawyers were arrested from for protesting back in June) to hand in written personal notifications saying they take the responsibility for all Gezi Park protests.

The group which chanted ‘everywhere is Taksim everywhere resistance’ did not block the road and the police, though the teams and TOMA (water cannon vehicle) was ready, did not attack.

A lawyer red a press release:

“We are given ourselves up. They should process these notification of a crime. Either they process these notifications or they let all those arrested out. They must stop all legal proceedings against all taken into custody and those about whom there is an investigation going on. This is our demand”

For full article on this symbolic but meaningful action in Turkish: http://www.radikal.com.tr/turkiye/savciliga_dilekceli_basvuru_geziyi_ustleniyoruz-1139884

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