Istanbul police launches investigation against tweets

Police authorities in Istanbul have launched an investigation on 35 social media profiles for the defamation of state authorities including PM Erdoğan through messages and photos, submitting a detailed report to Prosecutor’s Office.

According to an article Devrim Tosunoğlu from Akşam newspaper, Cyber Crimes Police Department have reportedly detected 35 social media profiles with crime evidence on their ongoing investigation of 5 million messages. The department drafted a report including the IP address of aforementioned users, submitting it to Prosecutor’s Office.

Our officials contacted Facebook and Twitter but Twitter turned down our cooperation offer, said Binali Yıldırım, Turkey’s Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

Facebook released a statement, objecting Yıldırım’s remarks on “For long time, Facebook cooperates with Turkish authorities smoothly” and clarifying that they only cooperated with Turkish government officials “only when a life concern or child-abuse is at stake”.

PM Erdoğan accused of twitter being “pain in the neck”. On the other hand, a total of 34 people were detained in Adana (5) and Izmir (29) provinces for charges related to supporting, organizing and provoking Gezi Resistance through social media. (EA/BM)

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