Bonus for the police for shifts during Gezi protests

The Police Commission in Turkey decided to pay bonuses to the police who were on days-long shifts during the Gezi protests.

The basic pay for a junior police officer is 36 Tl about £10 per month. The bonus for a junior police will be 880 TL about £250, or 24 months’ salary.

Since the police officers in the terrorism branch have at least a few years in the force, on average they will receive, on average, 1000 TL or £330 bonus.

The commissioners in this branch will receive on average 3000 TL, or about £660.

Gezi Park bonus is the highest amount of bonus a police officer can receive and which is normally given to officers who have participated in very successful operations, or officers who show the highest merit in conducting their profession.

For Turkish

This news comes a week or so after the release of the police officer accused of shooting and killing one of the protesters, Ethem Salisuluk, in Ankara.


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