Gezi has given us so much

Lots of our friends in the UK email or call us to express their sadness about what’s been happening in Turkey.


The 5 deaths, 7000+ injuries, still many critically ill causing concern about the death toll increasing and 100s, if not more, in detention, unfathomable violence by the police force and civilian thugs and what more lies ahead are without a doubt incredibly sad.


But these protests are also a positive thing. It’s hard to ensure they stay peaceful and are sustained. But for sure they have started a new era.


There are of course many well thought out, evidence-based and eloquently expressed writing about what Gezi has given us. But we’ve found this list on the social media. We don’t know who’s written it.   This, we repeat, is not to belittle the cost of Gezi but we wanted to share it.


Gezi has given us so much


  1. We stopped watching TV. We woke up. Our IQ increased.
  2. Our writing and drawing skills and sense of humour improved.
  3. We became fitter thanks to running up the hilly streets or stairs leading to Taksim; resisting by running, walking, jumping up and down, standing; and not eating much from the excitement of the resistance.
  4. We improved our observational skills to find the right information and our memory to remember it until we found a computer.
  5. Protesting took all our time; we didn’t have time to spend any money.
  6. We’ve had something to believe in, we are not bored any more.
  7. Yesterday was Monday. No one felt the Monday blues. Long Live Mondays!
  8. Smart phones and social media became nuisance for some but for us they’ve become an opportunity to show our disproportionate wit.
  9. Facebook was filled with interesting and sublime shares.
  10. We gained the habit of turning up where an event is taking place, rather than reading it in a paper.
  11. We’ve learnt who is brave, who is sold, who is honorable, who is a kiss-ass, who is self-respecting, who can be bought, who will not be sold, who just talks and who keeps their word.
  12. We’ve seen we are the majority and stopped feeling alienated.
  13. We increased our freedom and knowledge.
  14. Our musical and rhythmic skills improved from clanging pots and pans, chanting slogans and singing marches.
  15. We are more conscious about keeping the streets cleaner because resisters kept cleaning and reminding us to do the same.
  16. We smile more, behave more politely and respectfully towards each other, because resisters do the same and keep reminding us to do the same.
  17. We learnt what ‘civil defence’ is from practising it.
  18. We learnt to stand by each other, to help each other, to share, to sacrifice, to be friends / siblings.
  19. We’ve learnt that our true friends really do not let us down.
  20. We’ve seen and experienced that our parents were behind us, and if required, they were in front, defending us.
  21. We’ve used our ‘disproportionate’ intellect in every possible opportunity…when moving protest didn’t work, we had standing man and woman.
  22. All tricks were outed.
  23. Copy and paste (in facebook) has become a habit.

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