Letter from Taksim

We don’t have a name yet. Some call us the 88 generation; some call us the ones that were born in the 1990’s. We were repeatedly told that we were apolitical, as a consequence of the suppressive politics of the 1980 military coup. We were taught that we couldn’t change anything.  We kept quiet until PM Erdoğan, who was blinded by his power, started to make decisions on behalf of us.  Now he calls us “marginal groups” because we let the world know that “he gives democracy, a bad name”. Although we have tried so hard to be “marginal” for years, we live in Anatolia. It just didn’t work. AKP’s religion and ethnicity based politics have kept us away from each other. Some of us call ourselves Mustafa Kemal’s soldiers. Some refuse to be a soldier for any reason. We were upset with the government for dissimilar reasons. That’s why we wrote “Down with somethings” on the heart of Taksim Square.


For the rest of this letter, other letters and research on Turkey, please click: http://researchturkey.org/wp/wordpress/?p=3613

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