This is a letter of denunciation and a criminal complaint


Dear Erdogan,

This letter must reach you urgently. Not only because it is a criminal complaint, but because it is also to warn you, before it’s too late, about these dangerous developments. You are surrounded by provocative agents and interest groups. Even in the times you think you are most powerful, you are being pushed to the end of your political career. Your attitude and personal ego, your anger and confidence is not only bringing you down, but the whole country is suffering as a result. Don’t be afraid of a military coup, but know that there are several other ways to bring down a leader. There are situations which your previous 50% vote (and even then, whether or not this was your actual vote is rather controversial) cannot counter. Furthermore, don’t rely too much on the numbers who attend your election rallies. Because 50 is only half of 100 and there is more to democracy than votes. Your personal panic and the dissatisfaction of even your closest colleagues are beginning to be seen both domestically and internationally. The mutterings behind closed doors of “this man can no longer be controlled, he is going to take all of us down with him” will surely add to stress, and this will also lead to health problems.

Although this letter won’t receive much media attention at all and won’t be in the press summaries you receive, it is written to save you and the country from an inevitable fall down the slope.

Who am I?

If this letter ever reaches you, I’m sure you will be asking yourself, “who is this fork tongued wench who dares to give me advice?” Although I don’t like to talk about myself, I have to do so. I’m from the 1968 generation who experienced all the coups since the 27 May (1960) and suffered torture in military barracks and prisons.  In short, I lived through the suffering of the honest people of the country and my life and career was turned upside down as a refugee for 12 years after the 1980 coup. I am now about to turn 74. Remember that aggrieved role you like to play despite having lots of power? Well, I am one of the millions who actually have been aggrieved.

I have never ever accepted, through force, the ascension of anyone to any form of authority whether it be from state, government, organisations, family, father, husband, whoever. Remember those times when you say things even your adulators don’t agree with? When they say, “this is the Prime Minister’s habit, live with it, you’ll get used to it”? Well, I’m exactly like that. I have habits too. I cannot stand being forced to do something I don’t want to, and will also be equally as angry if something similar happens to someone else. This is why I have always been unfairly treated and have stood with those unfairly treated: the workers, Kurds, and all those who are labelled as “the others.”

Oh and before I forget, I would also like to add that I am a Sociologist. You know, the fashion these days; the analysis of society which seems to be mentioned by you or your cronies on a daily basis. In other words, I know how to analyse the recent events without bending the truths, through objective (not political) lenses, unlike some of those around you.  I don’t have any ties to any organisation or political party, nor do I have any expectation of favours from anyone. There are no obstacles to my consciousness and mind because I don’t subscribe to anything other than justice and freedom. I don’t even have any philosophical hatred for the AKP, but whoever strives for the best of the people, has my support.

So listen to what I have to say. Because if you don’t, you may remember later on and think “they told me so.”

Let me tell you what’s happening in Gezi Park

When you target 100,000s of people who say ‘Gezi is not just a park, you don’t understand what’s happening’, I actually think you know it’s not just about a park. With everyone who has average intelligence understanding what’s happening at Gezi Park, it’s impossible for you to not to. The environmental protests which began as a peaceful sit-in and then turned into nationwide riots are nothing to do with targeting your government or domestic or foreign conspiracy unlike you believe, or rather led to believe. Do not believe or trust this paranoia supposedly supported by evidence. When a conspiracy theory is formulated, everything turns into evidence that fuels the paranoia especially if it’s supported with false evidence.

The riots began with not just heavy handed, but horrific and unbelievable, police brutality. Times are tough, dear Erdogan, and today’s kids are naughty. Social media is a “menace”. The 90s generation is courageous because they had not yet met the iron fist of the state or the government. Their free spirit did not obey your “shut up and sit down”. This is why it wasn’t possible to hush the police brutality. The waves of young people and then everyone else arriving at Taksim started after this brutality. There were no lobbies against you or your government, no Ergenekon supporters or CHP supporters in the waves of people arriving at Taksim. No one wanted them anyway. The waves swelled even more after you insulted them and labelled as “those others” who don’t share your beliefs. These were the people who don’t want you sticking your nose into their bedroom, telling them how many children to have or how to have intercourse, what they should eat and drink and what the soaps should show. They were against you Prime Fatherhood.

Had your super clever advisors not blamed them for being super ignorant, had they not spent their time dreaming up untrue theories but tried to understand the psychology of the masses, had they managed to change your language, had they told the truths, the events may not have reached these proportions. Everyone who ever opposed your person, party, government and politics, in words that you’ll like: “everyone who had a tummy ache”, everyone whom you have recently insulted, finally said, “we’ve had enough,” and have come to Gezi and elsewhere across the country. What else could have been expected? And of course why would those who are nostalgic about military coupes, revolutions, playing a game of soldiers, perhaps domestic and foreign agents miss out on such an opportunity? So they came too, and burned the busses, brought their flags (larger in number than their supporters) to let off some steam. And of course the young people who don’t have anything else to lose than their oppressed state and who rioted to show their anger and refusal of the life they are forced to a life they don’t want. In short, if Gezi managed to become a focus for the opposition by those who don’t have any ties to each other or a common purpose, those who did not vote for you, the reason is you and your people who managed to claim Carsi (Besiktas football team supporters group) is a terrorist organisation.

I ask myself, following every sign of calm and returning to normal why did you make speeches that were divisive and inciting violence,  that supported the lies that feed conspricacy theories. Was it that you fell for the advice you’ve been given or was it that you didn’t listen to people around you and did what you willed. For example I am wondering how, on whose information, you ordered the attacks last Saturday. If you were not deliberately misinformed, you would have known that the resisters were beginning to pack up their tents, getting ready to leave the park and that there were many common sense calls to end the protests.

There is a serious crime, dear Erdogan. There is a crime against the constitution and democracy. There is an attempted crime to isolate Turkey from the world. If those around you are pushing you to commit this crime, I am denouncing them to you. If you made the decisions despite those around you, I denounce you Tayyip Erdoğan to the Prime Minister.

I am using my rights as a citizen and making a criminal complaint.

Oya Baydar (

19.06.2013, T24

For Turkish:

2 thoughts on “This is a letter of denunciation and a criminal complaint

  1. Did you send this to erdogan directly? Or you just post it on your blog? If you did the latter, then you are a coward!

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