While Gezi is being renovated, all parks take on the Gezi spirit

Gezi Resistance continues every night with forums at various parks of Istanbul. Gezi Parkers are now discussing the transformation of their movement, saying that “PM did not kick us out of the park, he made everywhere a Gezi Park”.

Daily forums begin at 9 pm local time with some of them lasting till the early hours of next morning. Those who want to address the crowd approach to the moderator and put forward their opinions through a megaphone – which is kept silent enough not to disturb neighborhood-dwellers. It means that forum people need to establish a silent environment and it usually happens. Every speaker is allowed for two minutes. It is not allowed to applause or verbally criticize speakers. If you support the speaker, you put your hands up in the air and shake them. If you don’t, you cross your hands in the air. ”


For full article see: http://bianet.org/english/youth/147740-every-park-become-gezi-park-in-turkey#.UcJJca4mHJE.twitter


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