“Beware the Pseudo-Historical Retrofit Craze Sweeping Over Europe”

“Turkey’s ongoing wave of anti-authoritarian protests has spread so fast and far that it’s strange to recall its first spark was a small Istanbul planning struggle. Protestors first gathered last month to defend Gezi Park, among central Istanbul’s last green spaces, from being partly torn up to rebuild an Ottoman era barracks, demolished 73 years ago, as a shopping mall designed to nest within the remaining facade. Thanks to police brutality, government persecution of anyone involved and domestic media rotating coverage blackouts with one-sidedly pro-government reporting, the protesters’ grievances have since extended well beyond Gezi Park. But what makes this rapid spiral yet more striking is that the initial debate – on appropriating public space to construct ersatz historical monuments – is actually being played out across Europe.”

Feargus O’Sullivan, The Atlantic Cities, 20 June 2013

For full article see: http://www.theatlanticcities.com/neighborhoods/2013/06/beware-pseudo-historical-retrofit-craze-sweeping-over-europe/5963/

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