Witch Hunt continues in Turkey

POLICE is committing a crime:….There are buses in front of the Vatan Cadde Police Station (Istanbul). There are people taken into custody inside. They are not being arrested, taken to the public prosecuter’s office or even interrogated. They are being kept in the buses since yesterday. They are not even allowed to go to the toilet and told to do it where they are. Lawyers are informed but they have not been able to do anything.


Interview with a German tourist who was arrested and deported. And many other interviews and information on this website


Mayor of Ankara issued a statement saying 944 people ware in custody.


Police are beginning to raid people’s houses at dawn and offices of many organisations. In one person’s home, they have taken a rubber band used for Pilates as evidence of a catapult. Embarrasing ignorance!



In the meantime, in Istanbul, 450  people are missing – they are not in any of the police stations. There are reports that TRT (State TV and Radio) offices near Taksim has been turned into a police station.  Contemporary Lawyers Association (CHD) issued a statement to this effect.

Mayor of Istanbul is called to declare the whereabouts of the missing.


A journalist from Zaman newspaper was detained today for a short while. There have been other journalists detained but what’s noteworthy about this one is that she works for a conservation newspaper AND she was in the group who met with PM Erdogan last week to bring the protests to an end.


Government seems to be firing from all cyclinders in a desparate attempt to quash the protests…. people standing still http://bit.ly/128E4zV

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